In August 2007 I bought a copy of battlelore, it took me 2 weeks to paint all the figures, not bad as i also have a full time job! Although the paint jobs are a bit more rushed than normal, they are pretty good for cheap plastic figures. All photos are of the basic figures available in the battlelore box. I have not yet purchased any expansions.

All shield designs are 15mm medieval transfers from Veni Vidi Vici, i strongly recommend you use these, they are easy to use and make the figures look so much better.

Dwarven crossbowmen and medium swordsmen.


Dwarven heavy long swordsmen


Goblin light infantry and chameleon lizard cavalry, i have painted the underbelly of the chameleons an attractive purple, doesn't really show in this picture


"Green" Spider


Goblin Green archers


Human heavy infantry and knights, both in easy to spot red


Human heavy knights


Human light infantry, note all shield designs are from Veni Vedi Vici 15mm range


Front of the human light green infantry


Human medium blue infantry


I particularly like this shield design with the medium blue infantry, and the cavalry for that matter, all VVV